Tomato Travel Update - COVID19

By Tomato Travel
Mar 24, 2020

Dear Customers,

First of all, thank you for many customers’ support during this difficult time, your understanding and patience on this motivated the whole team in Tomato Travel, please keep in mind that we are here to help every customers as well. Every customer is important to us, we apologise that we couldn’t get back to you earlier, our biggest priority was to repatriate all of our overseas customers.

As the COVID-19 is evolving, this unprecedented situation is far beyond we can handle especially with the team size we have got here in Tomato Travel.  However, please rest assured that our team will contact you, in departure date order.

***Please read this carefully as it contains important information that related to your booking/s. ***

You have booked a Group Tour Package, not individual/standalone flight or hotel booking. Each component have got different T&Cs


Special Tour Group/Package Flight Tickets have been used for your tour which are under a very different structure and terms & conditions compare to the public fares that general public normally access to.

Please disregard those information/updates that you have got and received from airlines, which do not apply to your group tour/package flight ticket.

Cancellation is non-refundable in most cases or airlines charge very high on cancellation fee. However, we are doing our best to negotiate with airlines and our operations team is working on the best interest of all customers to maximise the available refund. We have to look into each booking to be able to advise what the refundable amount will be for all cancellation, which is very time consuming. The processing time for cancellation/refund is from three to six months.

Given the proximity to departure and that all components of tour package have been confirmed and fulfilled with our various partners. We hope you can appreciate that we rely on cooperation from our suppliers regarding cancellation requests, and unfortunately there are some unrecoverable costs.


Most airlines have issued the waiver for re-issue and we have negotiated a best outcome with other partners for our customers who wish to postpone, it is $450 per person in total.

For those customers who have contacted us, hope the above information answers your questions. We are grateful for your support through this challenging time.


Tomato Travel Team

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