Tour Guide Team

Our Tomato Travel tour guides are here for you, ready to guide you through the most stunning destinations on your trip.

They have unmatched, in-depth knowledge about each area and are happy to share this knowledge with you.

Get ready to explore Japan with them and have the holiday of a lifetime!



Connie has been guiding guests around Japan for ten years. She has met many people from Australia, the UK, Europe, US, Asia and some Arabic countries. She likes being a local guide as she believes she can teach her guests about Japan’s history, culture, life and traditions which you won’t find in a guide book. She also has loads of great anecdotes to share! She enjoys practicing the tea ceremony and spiritual martial arts, and has been practicing each for more than 5 years. She also enjoys Latin dancing.



Our guests love Sam because she is informative, courteous, enthusiastic, good humoured, patient and considerate, and because she is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that everyone on tour is having a fantastic time. Sam is a great asset to the Tomato Travel team, and really embodies the spirit of what our business is all about!



Yumi leads our Discovery Tours with Hiroshima, and has an incredible wealth of knowledge about each destination on the tour. She loves to share the history and culture of each city with her guests, and loves answering questions about these places. Yumi always strives to do whatever she can to ensure that every single guest on tour is having the best possible time, because she wants you to love Japan as much as she does!