Tomato Travel Update - COVID19

By Tomato Travel
Apr 21, 2020

Dear Customer,

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in this trying times.

We have been working on the best possible outcome for all of our customers with our team, partners and suppliers.

Apologise that we couldn’t keep up with our high standard of services that we provide normally, especially with reduced team size but greatly increased workloads.

The latest updates are as follows:

All tours will be suspended until 31/May/2020.

Tomato Travel as a tour operator, created and designed tour packages based on a group basis, the package price achieved by heavily discounted group rates with our various suppliers, which we have to secure those spots in advance with non-refundable deposit/payment. When it comes to amendment/cancellation, despite those non-refundable amount paid, amendment/cancellation fee is often very high.

We would love to arrange full refund for all of the cancellation if we can, we continue negotiate with our partners and suppliers and we have absorbed those unrecoverable costs as much as possible. However, we as a tour operator we work on a very thin margin and there is no room at all for ourselves to absorb all of those unrecoverable costs which is a large amount. As the tour package is built based on a group basis, we have to come up with a fair solution for everyone involves as a group.

We hope you can appreciate that we provide excellent travel products and services normally, however in this unprecedented situation, whilst we can understand the difficult situation our customers are faced with, what we can do is to minimise the damage to everyone involved.

We are still experiencing high volume of calls and emails, but please be assured that we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Tomato Travel Team

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